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About Perfectionists' Cult

In the Guild we ask little of you but to follow our simple guidelines. We can have fun, and be fun to hang around as long as our guidelines are followed. Having a clean and friendly atmosphere in our chat is important to us.

 It is our Guidelines, in combination with our Principles, that has made us strong!

NICE Guild picture


Cult's Principles

RespectBeing considerate and courteous to others, and acknowledging that others may have different opinions, beliefs, and outlooks than your own. We want to ensure a comfortable, relaxed, easy-going, and light-hearted atmosphere.

HonorLiving true to your word, which includes maintaining Guild standards agreed upon when becoming a part of NICE, and bringing attention to others in holding standards as well.

IntegrityKeeping personal and private information about yourself and others out of Guild and Alliance chat. Be true to your character.

LoyaltyShowing dedication and giving back to the Guild, whether offering to help others, making efforts to be available for Guild activities, participating on the forums on the website, providing suggestions for Guild activities, etc.

FriendshipMaking efforts to get to know other members in the Guild to help create a close-knit Guild community, which includes welcoming and greeting other members, conversing and/or joking around in chat, encouraging others.

TeamworkHelping out other members on quests or missions, offering others to join you. Encouraging others if things are tough or the quest or mission does not go as planned. Guild teams ROCK!

*"Principles" were shared with us by the leader of POET*


 We wear our emblem with Honor


NICE emblem!

Guild Leader

Little Wise Owl


Ursa Ventura                  Eivene Elliott 


 Conan Elric

Sir Beregond

Sola Snowbound

Aldercy Cuervo






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